Use the LiveChat or Chatbot,Increase Your Business

Use the LiveChat or Chatbot,Increase Your Business

In the business of using a chat assistant, it is very much needed. In this increasingly developing and advanced era, online business has also mushroomed on the google search engine. The best service and also good communication is an important aspect in a business or business.

Quite a number of online store websites offer Live Chat or chatbot features as one of the supporters of their business. Have readers just started an online business through a website once? If so, that means that as a businessman you also need communication software on your website.

Advantages of Live Chat vs Chatbot on Websites

Every software that is made to facilitate human work must have advantages and disadvantages. Of course, each of these advantages is created to facilitate your work. A business that is formed through an online work system, will be faster in helping your business grow.

However, of course each of these things must be supported by several important aspects such as labor. Of course, many of you have entered the Live Chat and Chatbot systems. However, do you know about the advantages of chat and live chat? All right, without further ado, let’s just go to the description of Livechat and chatbot.

The advantage of using this software is one of the most important things to support the progress of your business. Surely every effort you do wants to get a lot of benefits, right? Profits are what business people want.

Of course, each support software has its own advantages and disadvantages. Maybe for many buyers already familiar with one of this modern communication software, right? On this occasion, I will provide a description of these two communication tools. Let’s just get to the discussion.

customer service

Live chat vs Chatbbot Which is More Efficient?

Of course there are many benefits in using this application with a customer service base. You can easily answer your customer’s questions. Of course, a customer does not want to wait too long for an answer from a salesperson. Therefore, this particular business application is the most important thing.

Surely it is not difficult to operate this chat manager application. You can easily chat with your members. The most important thing in a business is the delivery of customer service to the customer. If the service provided is good, the customer will come back to your place.

Your goal in running a business is to get profit from the product you sell. So from the help of a customer service who has a friendly attitude is one very important thing.

Of course, in using a chatbot, you also have to pay attention to important aspects of its use. The settings for question and answer must be adjusted to the thoughts of a customer. Therefore efficiency in answering questions will also be faster and more practical.

Pros of LiveChat

Live chat is a modern communication tool that uses a direct transcription system between buyers and sellers. The workforce behind the live chat screen is an operator whose job it is to help your difficulties regarding the products being sold. Of course, with this live chat you will be faster in optimizing the products you sell.

In addition, using Livechat, you can be more precise and accurate in answering buyers’ difficulties. The hashtag feature is one of the tools that can simplify your activities in making sales to your buyers. In addition, with live chat software you can easily view your sales analytics in real time.
The next advantage is, of course, every human being has a sense of emotion. When you communicate via live chat, you can consciously detect emotions with potential buyers.

Lack of Live Chat

Of course, in every software that is created, it still has flaws. In this application, sellers and buyers can only communicate with chat transcripts. Sellers and buyers cannot communicate via video call or telephone which can clarify the assistance process.

Usually every customer service that is responsible for maintaining the livechat of a business must have a social media number with an open source system such as WhatsApp. In the whatsapp application you can easily make video calls or normal calls.

In addition, interacting via live chat will certainly require extra manpower in the process. Not as simple as other communication application-based applications. However, live chat assistance is a very important thing in your business.

The advantages of Chatbot

Chatbot is a software that is created as a means of interaction between the customer and the business that you create. The chatbot has advantages, one of which is the efficiency of the chat reply. It will be faster without waiting for the queue when the chatbot replies to questions from customers.

In the chatbot, the system is encrypted with a system of questions and answers that have been set by a businessman. Usually chatbot is used as a business medium that is still starting to move. When a business starts to run, of course an entrepreneur is eager to keep buyers shopping at their place.

an entrepreneur can easily use this application as a tool without a lot of manpower. But of course chatbots also have their drawbacks. Therefore many of them still don’t use this one software.

Lack of Chatbot

The chatbot which was created as a communication tool has its drawbacks. The drawback is not being able to read the condition and emotions of a buyer. As beings who have feelings of emotion, of course we must be able to understand the condition that is being felt.

The chatbot also cannot store your customer database. but efficiency in replying to chats is what most businesses are looking for. Surely every businessman wants to know what needs are being sought to become one of his newest products, right? Therefore we recommend using more sophisticated applications such as Livechat.